Discount Tiles and Andover Floor Coverings
Discount Tiles and Andover Floor Coverings
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Andover Floor Coverings


Flooring - Carpets Andover

Our extensive range of carpets covers all needs and purposes, fitting any style or design required.

Cushion Flooring

Flooring - Cushion Flooring Andover

Suiting the rigors of the kitchen environment, vinyl linoleum flooring is as tough and practical as it is comfortable.


Flooring - Camaro Andover

Camaro flooring creates a convincing stone or wood flooring effect, at a fraction of the cost and maintenance.


Flooring - LG Andover

LG products are famed for their quality, and include flooring types such as Decotile, Naturelife and Staticpulse.

Safety Flooring

Flooring - Safety Flooring Andover

Specially constructed, slip-resistant graining throughout this high grade vinyl flooring provides assurance for the full extent of its long lifespan.

Carpet Tiles

Flooring - Carpet Tiles Andover

Available in numerous styles, colours and sizes to suit any purpose.


Flooring - Flotex Andover

A unique hybrid product that provides all the warmth and comfort associated with carpets whilst being as waterproof and easy to clean as hard floor.