Discount Tiles and Andover Floor Coverings
Discount Tiles and Andover Floor Coverings
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Address: 5 Love Lane, Andover SP10 2AB

Discount Tiles Andover

Natural Stone

Tiles - Natural Stone Andover

We provide an array of natural stone flooring created from sources such as granite, limestone and slate.

Polished Marble

Tiles - Polished Marble Andover

For a classic, long-lasting look that will provide an elegant touch to your home.


Tiles - Ceramic Andover

A durable, and easily cleaned option for your kitchen or bathroom that is available in a host of styles and patterns.


Tiles - Porcelain Andover

These smart and stylish tiles are a popular choice thanks to their variety and versatility, as well as their easy maintenance and sturdiness.


Tiles - Glass Andover

Creating a smooth, sleek finish to your walls, glass tiles come in a range of colours and effects.


Tiles - Mosaic Andover

The choice if you want to conceive a truly unique design for your walls or floors, limited only by your imagination.